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This week's learner feedback

"This is the possibly the best training portal I have seen. Keep up the good work. Well done to the training team for identifying this resource." Local Government


Stakeholder feedback

The Brief:  "To embed Microsoft Office learning.  A three month Pilot Programme to gauge the appetite for IT Training within the company".

How did Bite Size perform: "Bite Size are a fabulous company, who tailor, nurture and apply a diligent work ethic in their analysis, planning and delivery of this service. 10/10".

Would you consider using Bite Size again?  "Absolutely. It is refreshing to work alongside such competent and upbeat external partners. Bite Size have been a pleasure to engage with. An incredible service and one that is exceptionally competitive in such a crowded marketplace. Keep up the great work guys!"  Paul, L&D Partner, Finance Sector.


"I have learnt so much in so little time. I was asked to provide some figures for a meeting from a spreadsheet and without Bite Size I’m not sure how long this would have taken me. Self-taught on spreadsheets, I have learnt so many different ways to do things and even passed some tips on to others here. Would love to have the opportunity to have this available all the time. Am hoping to look at the Word one too".


"I have found Bite Size invaluable!  It’s easy to access from work and home. Each of the lessons are pitched at the right level and if you don’t understand or forget something you can easily replay the relevant part". 


"Just a quick brushup on Onenote. With easy and simple instructions to follow it was no sweat. :)". 


"I purposely set myself a time table to work on my IT skills and worked through the relevant lessons. What I liked most was that you can take your time and you are not under pressure to keep with ‘classmates’. You work at your own pace, it’s easy – I wish I’d used it years ago".


I am now doing lessons in Word I would have normally relied on colleagues to help out with. In fact lately a colleague asked for some help with mail merge and for the first time, I went to their rescue, not the other way round – PowerPoint next" 
HR Manager, Local Government


"An incredible learning platform, especially for anyone who is a self learner. Using Bite Size I have up skilled in many aspects of my role including; note taking, presentation of documents, Efficiency in Outlook & Microsoft Office packages. The learning methods are great with step by step guides, videos and exercises to try.

Now if I am asked to complete a task in my role which I have not completed before, I'm not even worried because I have Bite Size!" a recent quote from a new Learner


"Having self taught over the past 13 years, now feeling incredibly dumb how simple I could have made things. Being able to dip in and out to learn a couple of sections at a time is far more practical than spending a day on a course, especially when everyone learns at a different pace. No need to absorb information at someone elses speed :-)" a recent quote from a new Learner, NHS Trust


"Bite Size were recommended to me on a learning and development forum.  I’ve trialled lots of different Microsoft office e-learning products and the quality is really mixed. Bite Size’s courses are easy to navigate around and there is a great facility where you can tailor what you learn to meet your specific needs.

Bite Size’s team are also very responsive to me as a customer and provide support in marketing the e-learning to our employees" a recent quote from a new customer


We regularly ask our Learner's to provide feedback so we can develop our services in an ever changing marketplace.  See what some of them say about Bite Size:

"Before I started using Bite Size, I hadn't even heard of v-lookups and pivot tables. Now I have no problems in using these functions in Excel and having this knowledge has definitely saved me lots of time"   Administrator, Southampton

 "I have taken the time to check out the tips and have learned so much in a short time.  So I am going to ensure I give myself the time to learn more. It's so easy when you go through Bite Size"   Administrator, Hampshire

 "As I use Excel on a daily basis it really helped to have Bite Size on hand if I was stuck with anything"  Accounts Manager, Northampton

 "I have been using Bite Size for a while now and have found it is really useful to me. The way things are laid out are so easy to understand and having the written steps and visual makes it easy to learn. A good thing about the learning topics is that, there is not too much heavy reading and what you need to know is there. I will continue to use Bite Size happy in the knowledge that it will help me expand my knowledge which in turn helps me do my job better" Service Improvement Analyst, Hampshire

 "I found the Word 2007 lesson on references and figure captions great and so easy to follow.  I used to spend ages checking the consistency of all my figures and the bibliography.  I wish I had access to Bite Size when I was writing my Uni dissertation, it would have saved me so much time!" Exploration Geoscientist, Australia

  "I have learned, but more importantly, retained more knowledge and ability from a few hours of Bite Size lessons than from 6 days of cumulative classroom training. Even when I think I know something, I learned with Bite Size lessons to still click in as there was always something of value to pick up on" HR Director, Surrey

 "I've only recently signed up to Bite Size, but I'm already impressed. I feel confident that this site will make it easy to learn new skills as I can pick and choose the subjects and do them when I wish.  It's a brilliant idea" Technician, Central London

 "What a confidence booster!   I love the ability to try out what you have learned as part of the lesson” Regional Adviser, Remote Worker

 "Fab site, very user friendly and encourages you to be inquisitive and learn more.  You don't know what you don't know!" Homes Manager, London

 "I love these tips and the team and I try them out every week.  I think this a great service for people who want to up skill themselves in office.  I have encouraged lots of people to sign up and will continue to do so" Marketing Manager, London

 "The attached Bite Size Microsoft training is superb and will really help support you in your role. I have had a look at the lessons and it’s brilliant for people that know very little about the office packages & equally good for those of us that have some background knowledge" National Counters Coach

 "I always thought I knew everything I needed to know. Bite Size has proved me wrong" Recruitment Agent, Manchester

 "Excellent I love the show me tool" PA to CEO    London

 "Just a skim over some of the Excel courses but so far impressed with what I have seen. Looking forward to really cracking on with some of the lessons in more detail" Process & Projects Analyst, Manchester

 "This is a great tool for a refresher on applications you may not use very often, or to learn the basics quickly and simply of a new one" Marketing Manager, Surrey

 "Thank you for the Tip of the Week today about Sparklines in Excel 2010! very exciting!! Loved the movie, feel like I could do it myself now and it only takes 30 seconds to do! Thanks very much." VBA Programmer, Sussex

 "Very impressed by Bite Size!...Not often you see e learning so easy to use.  More importantly, designed by someone who understands conventional training" Senior Technical Training Specialist & Training Zone member

 " - as it suggests excellent nuggets of self paced, self contained tutorials on how to use most Microsoft products - quality stuff!" Government E-Learning Adviser / JISC HE Co-ordinator and a Visitor to Learning Technologies exhibition 2010

 "I was asked by my boss did I know of a way swapping columns and rows in Excel.  I thought for a moment and then remembered a Bite Size tip on the Transpose feature.  I quickly went back to my desk, looked it up and in a few minutes was explaining to my boss how the Transpose feature worked.  Thanks Bite Size!"  (MS Excel - transpose feature) Senior Accountant, London

 "Thanks so much for the bite size tips!  I don't always get a chance to do them, but this week's one just hit a chord.  Really useful thanks" (MS Word - adding up in a table)   Financial Adviser - Surrey

 "Just used the lessons to help with a powerpoint presentation that I am doing and it is fantastic to be shown how certain things are done with the benefits of practising them as well.   A big thumbs up!!!" Training Manager - London

 "This website has a very unusual and fun way of presenting each lesson with a mini movie. It's a brilliant idea and I love it. I look forward to the free tip they send me each week and my daughter loves it too as it's not all boring text. The movie and pictures make it easy to learn the lessons. I used to dread having to use Excel, now I am more confident with it and if I get stuck I can quickly look up the problem" Testimonial - Best of Croydon Network Group

 "The material is very well structured and presented and its amazing how simple bits of know how can save hours on repetitive tasks.  The clarity of the material is great" Silver Surfer subscriber

 "When you send a tip that is really simple, and I have not known about it,  it is FANTASTIC"  (All MS lessons)  Security Compliance Manager – Australia

 "Have signed up with Bite Size and in the week we have used them has been very beneficial, I found the team excited to explain the concept of learning on-line and very helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending Bite Size to any company who are interested in training staff but can't afford the time to send them off site" MD, Cleaning Company in Kent

 "At this week's World of Learning Conference, I noticed this provider of Microsoft Office training, Bite Size.  What I particularly liked about their offer was their approach to IT skills training– short focussed lessons to get me past a stumbling block rather than sit me in a classroom and make me learn” Training Director and Visitor to World of Learning Conference 2008

 “That’s so useful – I used to faff around all day with column widths”     (MS Word - Auto fit to Window) Training Officer – London

 “I really liked this tip”  (MS Excel, viewing formulas)  Software and IT Developer – Kent

 “Thought that was a great tip”  (MS Internet Explorer - History)Chief Information Officer -  Australia

 "Hey thanks for the tip, keep 'em coming “  (MS Outlook Create a new contact from an email message) Executive Secretary – Manchester

 "I thought I knew everything, but I can't believe how much I've learnt by just flicking through the lessons.  It's awesome" Business Development Manager - London

 "I think Bite Size is a great idea for individuals as well as companies to subscribe to.    I like the idea of tell me/show me/let me try - its a great way to learn" Teacher & Coach- Sussex

 “Thank you, this movie is so cool”          (MS Outlook, adding attachments) Training Administrator – London


<p><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><span style="font-size: 12pt; color: #800080;"><strong>This week's learner feedback</strong></span></span></p>
<p><span style="font-size: 12pt; color: #800080;">"I have learnt so much in so little time. I was asked to provide some figures for a meeting from a spreadsheet and without Bite Size I’m not sure how long this would have taken me. Self-taught on spreadsheets, I have learnt so many different ways to do things and even passed some tips on to others here. Would love to have the opportunity to have this available all the time. Am hoping to look at the Word one too". <br /></span></p>

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