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What can you learn in Three Months?

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If you put your mind to it, you can literally learn anything in three months - learn to drive, learn a new language or even learn to swim.

In fact, between now and the end of this year, you and your staff could be improving their Microsoft Office skills, learning more about Office 365, reaching Master level in MS Excel or Expert level in MS Word.  Our Bite Size Microsoft Office library will help you and your staff work smarter.

For as little as £1.99 + VAT per person per month, our THREE MONTH SKILL BOOST OFFER is a great way for you to test our library with your team, without getting in too deep with a long term contract.

Your team will gain immediate just-in-time support with Bite Size online lessons, as they work every day on their computer - be it Office 365, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and lots more.


  • Access to our e-learning library for Microsoft Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013 or Office 2010 plus 8 tests.
  • Includes five NEW PC Fundamentals Courses (Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Security Essentials, Spreadsheets, Word Processing and 2 tests).
  • Easy self-registration process for up to 100 learners.
  • Unlimited lessons, personalised courses and 10 tests.
  • A useful DID YOU KNOW IT Tip sent via email every Tuesday, to motivate staff and encourage usage (they can opt out at anytime).
  • Pre Pilot Communications Material : Launch plan, posters, intranet button.
  • Post Pilot Communications: On-line survey to gain feedback.
  • Evaluation: All data reports - lesson usage, test results and survey feedback.


For as little as £1.99 + VAT per learner per month, give us a call to find out more, or contact us.

You could be competent in Microsoft Office in as little as three months.


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