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MS Excel 2010 : Sparklines

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Sparklines are miniature charts that fit within a cell to summarise data trends.

They are not objects, but tiny charts embedded within the background of a cell enabling trends to be displayed in a small amount of space. This makes them ideal to show a mini snapshot of data.


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Creating Sparklines:

  1. Click the empty cell into which the sparkline will be placed
  2. Select the Insert tab
  3. Choose the type of sparkline to be used (within the Sparklines group)

  4. Click the Data Range Collapse Dialog box

  5. Select the range of cells that contain the sparkline data
  6. Press Enter
  7. Click OK

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Once a sparkline has been created, the Design tab becomes available from which further customisations can be made.

Customising Sparklines:

  1. Click the sparkline
  2. Select the Design tab
  3. Use the options within the Styles group to apply the colours and styles required



Because sparklines are embedded into the background, text can be entered directly into the cell and formatted as normal.

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Here is an exercise for you to try out creating sparklines for yourself.

2010 Excel - Sparklines

If the "OPEN" option does not show you all icons you'd expect in the application, use the "SAVE" option.


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