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MS Lync 2013 : Understanding presence

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Presence statuses include Available, Busy, Away, and Do Not Disturb.

Your status is based on your Microsoft Outlook Calendar, if you use Outlook, or your Lync activities. For example, if you have a meeting currently scheduled in Outlook, your status appears as “In a meeting” in Lync. When you’re in a Lync audio or video call, your presence indicator appears red, as Busy, and your status is updated to “In a call.” 

You can also manually set your presence status to control how or whether you want people to get in touch with you. And, your presence can also include a personal note that appears in your Contacts list and on your contact card. This gives people more information about what you’re up to. Presence information provides details about contacts, and how best to contact them. It can tell you their availability, as well as their current location, such as whether they are working at another office.



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Presence states:

lync2013mwlyncpresence01 Multiple presence states are available. Some can be set manually, whilst others are automatically attributed by Lync.

  • Available
    Online and available to contact.
  • Busy
    Unavailable to contact.
  • In a call
    On a Lync call and unavailable to contact.
  • In a meeting
    In a meeting and unavailable to contact.
  • In a conference call
    Taking part in a Lync conference call and unavailable to contact.
  • Do not disturb
    Unavailable to contact, with conversation notifications only being displayed when received from someone in the same workgroup as the recipient.
  • Be Right Back
    Online and available to contact, but not for a few moments while they have stepped away from their desk.
  • Inactive/Away
    Online but indicates the computer has been unattended for a specific time (5 minutes by default).
  • Off Work
    Offline and unavailable to contact.
  • Offline
    Not signed in, or specific users have been blocked from seeing the presence status.

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Changing your presence status:

  1. Click the Availability menu (at the top of the Lync window, below your name).

  2. Select the appropriate status.



Personal notes:

The presence states within Lync cannot be customised, but it is possible to provide more details to your contacts using personal notes. For example, you can give further information about where you are working from exactly.

  1. Select the note display area (above the picture area).

  2. Click and overtype the current details displayed.

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