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MS OneNote 2010 : Using Side Notes


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Continuing with the notion - mentioned in the lesson Side Notes - that jotting down ideas on random bits of paper is OK up to a point but there is always that risk of throwing away something important, or being unable to find a vital note at the correct time. Let's see how OneNote can help you avoid such possibilities.


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  1. Click the Unfiled Notes icon below the Navigation bar.

    2010OnenoteIntropm UsingSidenotes01

    The Unfiled Notes section appears.
  2. Click the Page tabs to view all your side notes.
  3. To exit Unfiled Notes click the back button on the Quick Access Toolbar.

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Whilst viewing a side note you can copy and paste content to other sections in your notebooks.


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To move a side note to an existing section:

  1. Open an existing side note.
  2. Click the Pages tab.
  3. Right-click the desired side note.
  4. Select Move or Copy.

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  5. In the Move or Copy Pages dialogue box:
    1. Expand the Notebook - by clicking its plus sign - to which you want to move the side note.
    2. Click the desired section.
    3. Click Move.

 2010OnenoteIntropm UsingSidenotes04

The side note is removed from the Unfiled section.



Did you know that you can create side notes even if you're not currently using OneNote? Try it in Word for example. Whilst editing your Word document hold down the Windows key and press "N". A side note window appears. When you next open OneNote you'll find that the side note is available in the Unfiled Notes section. Not a lot of people know that!!

The Windows key is at the bottom left of the keyboard below the letter Z.

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