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MS SharePoint 2013 : Layout of SharePoint

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SP2013Layout 5The Layout explained

You wouldn't embark on a road trip across the country without a map (or at least knowing what general direction you're heading). This lesson is going to give you an idea of where everything is in SharePoint.

For a first-time user, it is overwhelming. You're bombarded with links, pictures, icons that scream "Look at me, look at me!" and it seems that there are a thousand things going on.

Don't let it phase you! Lets break it down right now.

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SharePoint may look a little overwhelming, but there are only four main parts to keep in mind while getting accustomed to the layout.

  • Office Bar
  • Ribbon Bar (or Tabular menu)
  • Top Link Bar
  • Quick launch

No matter where you are in SharePoint these components will not change.

Office Bar

        SP2013Layout 1

The Ribbon Bar

         SP2013Layout 2

Top Link bar

         SP2013Layout 3

Quick Launch

          SP2013Layout 4 

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  • The office bar contains links to common Apps like Email, Sites, Calendar, and People.
  • The Tabular menu shows actions related to the content you’re interacting with.
    • Files and Library tabs for working with document libraries.
    • Items and List tabs for working with SharePoint Lists.
  • Top Link bar keeps links throughout the Top-Level site you’re browsing.
  • The Quick Launch shows links that pertain to the sub-site you’re currently browsing.

These four components contain almost all of the major elements of SharePoint!

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new mouse glasses  lightbulbTry and follow the steps below to give you a better learning experience:

  • Make time for your learning on a frequent basis – remember little and often will be most effective.
  • Think about what time of day will be best for you, and have some time to practice your new found skills.
  • And finally, read your Weekly Tips from Bite Size – learning something new this week could save you time and frustration next week.

Good Luck and Happy Learning!



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