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MS Visio 2010 : Panning and Zooming

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When you open Visio, it displays your diagram on a full page.  To get a good look at your drawing, you may want to zoom in to see the details.  The Zoom feature lets you do this.
However when you are working on a large diagram the Pan and Zoom window lets you see where you are in the big picture.
Let's show you how...

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Using Pan & Zoom:
In any Visio diagram, you may want to see a particular item in more detail, whilst keeping an overall view of where the object is located in relation to other items in the drawing – Pan & Zoom will let us do that.

  1. Open your drawing.
  2. Click the View ribbon tab.
  3. Select Task Panes (within the Show group).

  4. Choose Pan & Zoom (to get a close up view of the drawing page).
  5. Use the zoom tool to magnify the diagram (whilst still maintaining a bird’s eye view in the Pan and View window.

Returning to normal view:

Close the Pan & Zoom window (by clicking on the close button in the bottom right corner).


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Keyboard shortcuts:
Zoom in:
SHIFT + CTRL + Click left mouse button


Zoom out:
SHIFT + CTRL + Click right mouse button


Zoom in on selection:
SHIFT + CTRL + Drag holding down left mouse button


SHIFT + CTRL + Drag holding down right mouse button


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