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MS Word 2013 : Creating section breaks

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mousestandingthumbs2Creating section breaks

With section breaks you can control individual portions of your document with differing features such as different margins or headers.

For example, where you only want page numbering to appear within a particular part of a document, you can use section breaks to create a different header/footer from those on other pages.

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To create a section break:

  1. Place your cursor where you want to start the new section.
  2. Choose the Page Layout Ribbon tab.
  3. Click Breaks (within the Page Setup group).

  4. Choose one of the section break options.
    "Next page" creates a new section at the top of the next page.
    "Continuous" creates a new section beginning at your cursor point.
    "Even page" creates a new section beginning on an even page.
    "Odd page" creates a new section beginning on an odd page .

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Editing section breaks:

To modify section breaks, see the lesson on Viewing/Deleting section breaks.


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Here is an exercise file for you to try out inserting section breaks for yourself.

2013 Word - Creating section breaks

If the "OPEN" option does not show you all icons you'd expect in the application, use the "SAVE" option.


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new mouse glasses  lightbulbPutting your skills into practice:

By using section breaks you can control different layouts within the same document. For example, if you want to switch between single and multiple columns, a section break will let you do just that.

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