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MS Word 2007 : Cover Pages

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laying_down2.jpgCover Pages

Cover pages are pre-designed pages within Word that can be added to your document.

They are particularly useful if you are creating a long and complex document, which requires a professional looking introduction page.

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To add a cover page:

  1. Click the Insert ribbon tab
  2. Select Cover Page (within the Pages group)


  3. Choose an appropriate cover page style 

  4. Click in the text box and type the information you want to add to the page



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It is also possible to create your own custom cover page, which can be saved to the Cover Page gallery for use with any future documents.

To create a custom cover page:

  1. Create your cover page
  2. Highlight the contents of the cover page
  3. Select the Insert ribbon tab
  4. Select Cover Page (within the Pages group)


  5. Click Save selection to Cover Page Gallery
  6. Type a name in the Create New Building Block dialog box
  7. Add a description if you wish
  8. Click OK


To delete a cover page, click the Insert ribbon tab, then the Cover Page button (within the Pages group). From here, select the Remove Current Cover Page option.


To remove a custom cover page from the gallery, right click the item within the gallery and select Organize and Delete. This opens the Building Block dialog box, from which you can remove the page.


Let Me Try

Here is an exercise for you to try out creating a cover page for yourself.

2007 Word - Cover Pages

If the "OPEN" option does not show you all icons you'd expect in the application, use the "SAVE" option.


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