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Bite Size Summer Weekly Tip Round Up - Part 3 - July 2019


If you missed any of our weekly tips in July, you can view them again right here.  The following lessons will be live for the next few weeks, so why not view them now?

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word 2013Tip One:  MS Word ~ Selecting Text

DID YOU KNOW... that you can use the keyboard as well as the mouse to select text to make life easier?

To learn how, click on a link below to see how it works.

MS Word 2016
MS Word 2013
MS Word 2010


excel 2013Tip Two: Excel ~ Grouping and Ungrouping

DID YOU KNOW... that if you need the same information on several worksheets that you can 'group' them together so you work on all of them at the same time?

Really useful when you perhaps set up new worksheets for Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 and want them all to be the same, before entering different data?   A great timesaver.

To learn how, click the link below. It works exactly the same way in Excel 2013.

MS Excel


powerpoint 2013Tip Three : MS PowerPoint ~ Merging Shapes

DID YOU KNOW... that if you can't find the image you want, you can create it from scratch?  Merging Shapes is really easy when you know how.

To learn how, click a link below.

MS PowerPoint 2016
MS PowerPoint 2013


sharepoint 2013 boxed logoTip Four: MS SharePoint ~ Lists explained

DID YOU KNOW... that SharePoint stores information in Document Libraries and Lists? A List is a collection of data that you can share with team members and other site users - an example of a List would be a list of Tasks.

Here's a lesson on SharePoint Lists and how it works.


outlook 2013Tip Five:  MS Outlook ~ Hiding the Ribbon

DID YOU KNOW... that you can collapse the Ribbon to give you more screen space? It's really easy when you know how.  In fact, this little gem works in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint to name just a few applications.

To learn how, click a link below.

MS Outlook 2016
MS Outlook 2013


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