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All Personal Development courses last 15-20 minutes.   All Microsoft lessons take 5-10 minutes.

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Student Offer includes e-learning for the following:

Computer Fundamentals - 5 courses and 2 tests

This IT package includes the key fundamentals you will need when working with your computer, split into 5 courses covering the essentials - computer, online, security, spreadsheets and word processing - plus 1 test for Security Essentials and 1 test for Computer Essentials.  Learn how to use your computer safely with tips on Word Processing and Spreadsheets too.

Active Listening

Active listening is the key to effective communication. It is important to show that you are listening. Learn ways in which you can prepare for effective communication and examine both the verbal and non-verbal signals of active listening.

Asking the right questions

Questions form part of our everyday lives, but why do we ask them? Learn about the different types of questions and the situations in which they are most effective.

Communicating with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is your ability to positively manage your own and other people’s feelings during interactions. Emotional Intelligence is a key skill for everyone. Learning about this will help you to build solid, trustworthy and open relationships.

Body Language

Body language forms an essential part of communication, with the interpretation of non-verbal signals as important as understanding what’s being said. Learn about the interpretation of body language, eye contact, gestures and facial expressions in everyday communication.

Presenting Data

A key skill for any employee is the ability to present raw data and use it to persuade audiences. Learn about the different options for displaying data, and how to choose the right one to present your data with maximum impact.

Presenting Yourself

Do you want to deliver a confident presentation? Quickly learn about the different stages of your presentation from preparation and planning through to delivery.

Email Etiquette

Learn about sending and replying to emails in the business world. Learn about some useful hints and tips for writing business emails.

Time Management

Look at the sources of time-based problems. Learn about the many things that can make demands on your time. Understand about how to manage your time and also to set clear goals and prioritise your workload.  Learn some great techniques and guidance on how to manage your time effectively.

Effective Writing

Writing is an essential part of working life, but do you know how to write effectively? Learn how to prepare for writing, how to structure your document, how to express yourself clearly with carefully chosen words and finally how to edit, correct and improve your writing.

Other IT Skills courses include   Other Personal Development courses include
MS Office at all skill levels (Intermediate, Advanced, Master & Expert)   Communication & Social Skill
MS Office 365   Customer Service       
MS Visio 2013/2016   Data Protection   
MS OneNote 2013/2016   Equality & Diversity   
Testing 2013/2016   Food Safety & Hygiene
Computer Fundamentals   Health & Safety    
Computer Essentials & test   Interview Techniques   
Online Essentials   Literacy Skills    
Security Essentials & test   Management & Leadership   
Word Processing   Managing Change   
Spreadsheets   Personal Development   
MS Office for iPad    Safeguarding
Windows 10   Social & Corporate Responsibilities
IE 11   Teamwork   
    Understanding Budget & Finance
    Workplace Wellbeing

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MS Office 2016


Learn how to use MS Office correctly to get you working efficiently with MS Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and take the tests not just to prove competence but also a certificate.


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