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Share the Love - Bite Size Weekly Tip Round Up

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The following lessons will be live for the next few weeks, so why not view them now?

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excel 2013Tip One:  MS Excel ~ Naming Ranges

DID YOU KNOW... that a named range is the best choice when using an Absolute Cell Reference ($A$1) to refer your formula to the exact same cell (no matter where it's copied). They are quick and easy to set up and easy to understand too.

To learn how, click on a link below to see how it works.

Click here for MS Excel 2016
Click here for MS Excel 2013
Click here for MS Excel 2010


word 2013Tip Two: MS Word ~ Create a personalised email to a list

DID YOU KNOW... that if you need to send the same email to many but need to personalise each one, you can with a mail merge?

To learn how, click on a link below.

Click here for MS Word 2016
Click here for MS Word 2013
Click here for MS Word 2010


office365 block iconTip Three: Office 365 ~ Introducing Groups

DID YOU KNOW... that Groups in Office 365 work with the Office 365 tools you already use so you can collaborate with colleagues when writing documents, creating spreadsheets, working on project plans, scheduling meetings, or sending email?

To learn how, click here.


outlook 2013Tip Four: MS Outlook ~ Time Zones

DID YOU KNOW... that Outlook gives you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to time zones on your calendar? If you work for a organisation that has multiple offices in different time zones, being able to quickly reference your calendar with various zones can make scheduling meetings simpler.

It's really quick and easy to do. To learn how, click on a link below.

Click here for MS Outlook 2016
Click here for MS Outlook 2013
Click here for MS Outlook 2010


powerpoint 2013Tip Five: MS PowerPoint ~ Cropping Images

DID YOU KNOW... that if you have an image and you only want a portion of it - you can quickly and easily change it by using the 'Crop' feature?  Perhaps the image has lots of blue sky in it and you want to remove it, or your image doesn't fit well on your slides.  Cropping is your answer and is a great little tool.

Click a link below to learn more.

Click here for MS PowerPoint 2016
Click here for MS PowerPoint 2013
Click here for MS PowerPoint 2010


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