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This weeks Bite Size IT tip : MS Outlook 2010 - Time Zones

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mousestandingthumbsUsing the Time Zone Feature

Outlook gives you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to time zones on your calendar. You can change time zones easily and even add a second time zone to the calendar.

If you work for a corporation that has multiple offices in different time zones, being able to quickly reference your calendar with various zones can make scheduling simpler.


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Using Time Zones: 

  1. Open your calendar.
  2. Right click on the Time Bar. 

  3. Choose Change Time Zone.


  4. In the Time Zone dialogue box below, you can specify a label for the current Time Zone. You can also set the Time zone that you want to use by selecting it in the Time Zone drop-down list.


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Your time zone is already set when Outlook was installed on your computer but you can always change it by selecting Tools, Options, Calendar Options, Time Zone.


When you change your Time Zone, the time of your appointments adjust as well. Your appointments stay at their scheduled time in the original time zone but move to the appropriate time in the new time zone.

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