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This weeks Bite Size IT tip : MS PowerPoint 2010 - Cropping Images

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mouseb.jpg Cropping Images

The cropping facility is used when only a portion of a picture is needed. This is particularly useful if you want to focus on a section of picture, or need to trim the image in order to fit it into your slide design. 

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Cropping pictures:

  1. Select the picture.
  2. Select the Picture Tools Format ribbon tab.
  3. Click Crop (within the Size group).

  4. Click and drag a crop mark inwards to remove the outer section of the picture.

  5. Release the mouse to complete the crop. Repeat with other crop marks as appropriate.
  6. Click Crop again to turn cropping off.

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Restoring cropped pictures:

To undo a picture crop, click Crop (within the Size group) and then click and drag the sides back outwards again.


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