Introducing Microsoft Office

Bite Size have been the pioneers in delivering a typical one day Microsoft Office Course in bite size chunks of learning for over 14 years. Since 2007, we have continued to grow our customer and learner base by creating new products and services to meet the ever-growing needs of the digital world today.  Our Microsoft trainers are specialists in their field.

When our customers needed more than Microsoft Office learning to support staff in their daily work, we started to look at growing our content by partnering with like-minded e-learning professionals.

Say hello to Personal Development

Introducing Workplace Learning Solutions – where Microsoft Office meets Personal Development all in one place.​  We know that Microsoft Office is only a part of workplace learning.  Learning just Excel in isolation is not enough. So why not combine Excel with Finance for Non-Finance Managers or Presenting Yourself with PowerPoint?

Our e-learning library is now packed with Microsoft Office and Personal Development lessons and courses, giving your staff just-in-time bite size e-learning delivered from one searchable My Bite Size library.

Partnering with like-minded e-learning creators

We have teamed up with like-minded e-learning creators who can deliver our customers the same Bite Size experiences in Soft Skills and Personal Development. Partners that have the same business philosophy of delivering short, engaging and relevant e-learning for today’s busy workforce.  Staff today find it hard to commit to long training sessions and are demanding more short bursts of learning in bite-sized chunks that they can engage within their own time.

Learning should be interesting and fun

Our Bite Size lessons are quick for you to complete, fun for you to learn, and easy for you to retain. They are cost effective and tailored for your needs. Learning should be interesting and fun, and at Bite Size that is exactly what it is. The Bite Size team are extremely passionate about creating and delivering affordable on-line training in an interesting and fun way – giving you the tools needed, just when you need them.

The Bite Size team consists of specialists across the IT, Training Delivery, Marketing, Web Development and Communications sectors. They are all passionate about learning the Bite Size way and how they can revolutionise learning in the workplace.​​​

Our Bite Size Team

Marie Wallace

Learning Development & IT Director

Sue Brooker

Marketing and Communications Director

Our Bite Size Journey


Bite Size was founded by Sue Brooker, Marie Wallace and Lucy McAlpine, incorporated and commenced trading, launching its Microsoft Office 2003 content. First exhibition at World of Learning.  Things were getting exciting, we took onboard our first two large customers!


Introduced a new range of lessons for Microsoft Office 2007 and started writing content for Microsoft Office 2010. Attendance at Learning Technologies.  Our customer base and lesson content was growing fast.


The following year, Microsoft Office 2010 was added to the Company’s range of services. Attendance at HRD.  More new customers were enjoying the Bite Size experience, and we just kept growing. Client retention made us realise we were doing something good.


Continuing to expand.  Increased the range of services we offered to meet customer demands. Launched our very first White Label product – a 360 page learning zone website with bespoke SCORM content;  creating bespoke e-learning content; re-developing our learning platform and website; establishing a new learning domain – My Bite Size Learning Platform. Continued to work with third party soft skills organisations to increase our product offering. Attendance at Learning Technologies. Hello to lots of new and returning customers!


We introduced our testing service for Microsoft Office 2007/2010 and 2013, Microsoft Office 2013 content launched and the Company also delivered its first Virtual Online Class. Attendance at The Office Show, and HRD.  Onboarded a major UK retailer, and created their own bespoke White Label learning site with Bite Size content (as well as their own).


Our Bite Size range of services continued to grow.  We added a skill gap analysis tool to our learners dashboard so they could create their own course based on what they needed to learn.  Another good idea from one of our customers!


Developments to our existing system enabled Bite size to offer a single ‘sign on’ option for their white label products;  Launched intermediate and advanced levels of our personalised courses. Acquired in the US and added Sharepoint content to our offering.   Attended HRD and Learning Technologies exhibitions this year, and grew our client base threefold.


Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365 content developed, alongside mobile ready content and HTML lessons. Office 365 adoption strategies created for two customers migrating to O365; Created our first Digital Learning Zone for a large leisure organisation utilising SharePoint, SSO and Yammer integrations.  It was (and is still) a FANTASTIC SITE – that we are so proud of!


Bite Size launched their online shop to sell courses to individuals who wanted to upskill, and to companies who wanted to purchase a small number of licences without getting into a long contract.

Bite Size continued to partner with Soft Skills organisations to increase their product offering and were delighted to be working with Microlearn, Skill Boosters and People Alchemy.


Starting to write MS Office 2019 content and developing in-line with the Microsoft Office Roadmap.  New lessons now demonstrating both desktop and online methods to cater for the new modern world of collaborative working; Launched our NEW WEBSITE too!  Plans this year to continue to develop our MS Office 2019 / Office 365 libraries, onboard and retain our valuable customers. Partnering with third parties to deliver our Microsoft Office content Worldwide.


Launched our new Learner’s Platform with added functionality including playlists, bookmarks and favourites;  added new 90-second quick tip videos; created and launched new Millionaire Games for Microsoft Office (including Teams) plus new Snakes and Ladders games focussing on Computer, Online and Security Essentials for Learning at Work Week; created a new Online Collaboration Course to add to our ECDL modules; delivered virtual classrooms for SharePoint training for end users across Europe; delivered virtual demonstrations of how to get the most out of Bite Size; continued to write new content for MS Access, Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2019 plus updating our Teams courses; developed our online shop; continuing to partner with third parties and increase our customer base. In May we saw the end of an era with Lucy moving onto pastures new.  Three Directors then became two.  With a change in business direction due to COVID-19, Face-to-Face Training quickly switched to Virtual Classes with hundreds of learners enjoying the new style of delivery.


With over 70 Virtual Classes delivered so far this year, and many client renewals, 2021 started well for Bite Size. Frequent changes in the Microsoft Roadmap has seen new lessons being written and courses being updated. New developments are currently underway for a new Teams App, new tests and games for Microsoft Office plus new customers coming onboard as staff continue to work remotely.


Virtual Training continues to rise with the added support of our Bite Size e-Learning Library created a blended learning approach.  We continue to write new e-learning content for Microsoft 365 and adding new content for Personal Development.  We are partnering with third party providers to extend the reach of our Libraries plus welcoming new customers to the Bite Size way of learning.


2023 has been a busy year.  Our Bite Size Library content continues to grow – now with 48 Microsoft Office/Microsoft 365 Courses, 30 Tests and Games plus over 200 Personal Development Courses in Bite Size bites of learning.  We have introduced a new improved SCORM connection service to enable our content to be delivered within our Customers’ Learning Management Systems – exciting news – and continue to write new Microsoft Office content in line with Microsoft 365 changes at Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced and Master levels.  Our Three Month Pilot Programme continued to grow with more new customers taking the plunge and giving us a go to test the water within their company. We’ve delivered client demos via Microsoft Teams and created a range of promotion marketing material to increase engagement.  2024 is set to be a busy year as we launch our new improved Learning Platform early in the New Year plus the launch of our new Windows 11 Course. Watch this space for more new developments in 2024!

We don't actually Bite!

We are passionate about what we do and can’t wait to get our teeth into a really good project.   If you are looking for a training partner who challenges the norm, and is truly committed to delivering the best training solutions online, face to face or virtually, you’re speaking to the right people.


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