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Bite Size works with organisations across all industry sectors. We provide a simple yet highly effective online computer training solutions, supporting staff in their everyday computer needs.

We also work with individual learners who want to improve their own IT capability whether they are at work, home, school or college.

With unlimited online access 24/7, our lessons are quick to access, easy to grasp and can raise IT capability swiftly and with minimal business downtime.

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My colleague’s raving about Bite Size, she is literally going around the Ops floor telling people how amazing it is

Learn what you need when you need it!
  • 5-10 minute lessons to get you past a stumbling block with MS Office 2016, Microsoft 365, MS Teams, MS SharePoint plus Personal Development.
  • A searchable library to find the lesson you need at the time of need.
  • Tell Me, Show Me and Let Me Try methodology makes it easy to learn and retain the information.
  • Thousands of online lessons and hundreds of online courses at Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced, Master and Expert levels: re-skill or up-skill.
  • Unlimited access per learner 24/7; you can repeat a lesson or course as many times as you like to reinforce your learning.
  • Create your own training plan and track your learning by logging into “My Bite Size™”.
  • Free ‘Tip of the Week’ encouraging continuous learning.

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Buy what you need when you need it!
  • Three, six and twelve month packages available.
  • Taster Days or Taster Months available to gauge the appetite for e-learning.
  • Flexible Enterprise pricing plans available.
  • Mix and match our Libraries giving you what you need for your staff.
  • MS Office 2016, Microsoft 365, MS Teams, MS SharePoint plus lots more.
  • Hundreds of mini courses in Personal Development.
  • LMS compatible – SCORM compliant content that can link in with your own systems.
  • Online tests to assess learning, including pre-exam testing.
  • All lessons aim to support those studying towards formal qualifications, such as ECDL, CLAiT and MOS.
  • Bite Size Games – to add a bit of competition to your staff learning.

Our Libraries Our Costing Structures

Saving time and costs - guaranteed!

Bite Size can help you to raise IT capability and save business costs in a very short time.

Imagine this:

If 100 learners accessed 100 lessons each – as an organisation, you could be saving £59,496.67 in salary costs per year (based on a £25k salary).

Put it another way – if 100 staff saved 10 minutes a day by being more efficient, you could be reaping back over 16.5 hours of productivity every day!

Remember these savings don’t begin to take in to account employees taking ownership of their skills, becoming inquisitive about their learning, raising morale and helping with staff retention.

We are aware that people have different needs when it comes to learning, but this demonstrates how Bite Size can be a useful and highly cost effective addition to any IT Training Strategy.

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Measuring your investment!

We are passionate about making Bite Size a valuable support tool within your business. Our internal communication packages ensure that you get the maximum value out of your memberships.

It’s not just about measuring Return on Investment (ROI) in monetary terms or how many lessons have been completed. It is also about learners taking control of their own learning; being able to do something today that they couldn’t do yesterday.

It is about those Eureka moments! The satisfied smile, the feeling of elation that a task has been accomplished efficiently, the WOW factor.

Click here to see other Eureka moments.

We can provide support in:

  • Online surveys and newsletters – to gauge views and encourage usage.
  • Monthly Management Information and Statistical Analysis – to measure usage and appetite.
  • Marketing Toolkit – including promotional posters, intranet buttons, and leaflets to keep Bite Size front of mind.
  • A launch presentation for Managers and Employees to raise the awareness of how staff can work smarter.
  • Onsite Surgeries – we spend a day at your office, raising awareness through Q&A sessions.

Bite Size is more than just an online course provider. Our service can be tailored to meet your needs and budget; our experienced team will ensure that you and your staff get the most out of Bite Size memberships.

As a customer, you can be sure that you will be well looked after. Our team will provide guidance and advice on the most effective roll-out strategy, support you with internal marketing and promotion to keep Bite Size front of mind, and work with you to analyse user data ensuring you maximise your investment in Bite Size.

This is why Bite Size is more than just an Online Course Provider. We are your Microsoft Training Partner.

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