Brilliant learning tool! Extremely accessible, loads of lessons, and the support the website offers is immense. The general feedback from the population is fantastic, people are starting to use the tool more and more and learning new ways of being able to apply the tools they learn to their day to day activities. Thank you!

Customer Stakeholder - L&D Officer, Retail Sector

Katy is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter. She was very patient with those of us who were struggling and really took the time to explain certain things that we were just not able to grasp immediately. Katy wouldn't move on until she was confident that we understood each part. She is a credit to Bite Size.

Bite Size Learner - Power BI Virtual Class

I learnt in 3 minutes this morning that you can post a message simultaneously across multiple channels in Teams. I might be late to this party, but I can see this would be a really useful way to get the same information to multiple teams really quickly

Customer Stakeholder - Logistics Sector

It has been a successful professional journey, having a partner as stable and professional as you, was remarkable. You have left no stone unturned and maintained the quality required of the organisation. I am sure that all further partnerships you take upon will be positive. A task well done, successfully fulfilling the requirements of all our staff, thank you.

Customer Stakeholder - Charity Sector

Loved the training! Really useful. Highly recommend

Bite Size Learner - Power BI Virtual Course

This is great training for anyone who uses or needs to use MS Project and the trainer was very good at explaining. I loved the exercise element of it and think it is so important to put into practice what we are learning. Great course, great trainer.

Bite Size Learner - MS Project Virtual Course

I have just had a Teams call with Bitesize and I cannot praise enough the wealth of knowledge these ladies hold. The comprehensive website has an unsurmountable wealth of information & tutorials for the basic beginner right through to the semi-professional. A once stop shop for all your needs and an invaluable asset and contribution to any company. Thankyou

Finance Manager – Utilities Sector

Everything is great! User friendly and easy to find. Access to the course was immediate, unlike many other course providers who take up to 48 hrs or need reminding for them to send the details. I love the short videos as I have a short attention span, however, there is alot of great information in them. I have just ordered some extra courses. These courses are like refreshers for me, as I have been out of work since the beginning of COVID and I am happily starting a new job in 10 days. This will give me the extra confidence so that I can go back to being on top of my game. Many thanks.

Bite Size Learner – Individual Purchaser

A brilliant session that worked for both current users and those new to project. The trainer created an excellent environment, was very knowledge and made the two days very fun. The exercises completed applying the training where very good and realistic.

Bite Size Learner - MS Project Virtual Course

Another fantastic short video tip. I never knew about XLOOKUP. This could be my new best friend :-)

"Weekly Tip - MS Excel - Using XLOOKUPS"

Bite Size Weekly Tip Follower

The Bite Size team were impactful, supportive and brilliant to work alongside. They supported our deployment on SharePoint and Teams across our European offices. As the Covid19 pandemic crisis came, Bite Size pivoted quickly and effectively to training virtually. Our staff were reluctant at first but with the expertise of the Bite Size team, we have adapted with ease and are using SharePoint and Teams with success throughout our business. The learning platform provides staff with an opportunity to learn at their own pace and on relevant topics. We look forward to working with Bite Size in the future.

HR Manager – Financial Services Sector

Just completed the MS Word Quiz at 87% - feeling happy :-)

Bite Size Learner - MS Word - Working with Long Documents Test

WOW! What a difference the FindTime app is going to make to our business. Thank you so much for pointing it out and providing the short video – we are sending it out in our Corp Comms and telling everyone how to add it on. It’s such a fabulous service that you offer.

"Weekly Tip - MS Outlook 365 - FindTime Lesson"

Customer Stakeholder - L&D Manager, Waste Management Sector

All great content. The presenters were really engaging- liked how they named us during the session to provide feedback. I thought it was better than a face to face session as easier to follow and ask questions.

Bite Size Learner - PowerPoint Virtual Class

The trainers were excellent. Friendly and approachable, their technique was excellent very straight forward especially for someone who isn't confident with moving around a spreadsheet

Bite Size Learner - Excel Virtual Class

This is course is really very helpful. I have been using MS TEAMS all year - and knew I was not getting the best out it, but didn't know where to get training. Looking on YouTube didn't help at all. This course was very good - it showed me lots of new facilities within MS TEAMS that I didn't know about and am now keen to try out.

Bite Size Learner - Government Sector - MS Teams Virtual Class

You couldn't ask for a more dedicated team, determined to make sure you and your employees have the best experience they can possibly provide. The quality of MS Office training and the price makes it accessible for an SME.

Stakeholder Feedback from a recent Pilot Project

Just opened up the course and WOW! Professionally laid out, easy to follow, excellent content. Got course to relearn old skills and would say am an advanced excel user and am learning new things even from the beginner classes. Each class is about 3 to 4 minutes and tackles a particular aspect of the software. Possibly my best purchase in a very long time.

Bite Size Learner

It was a very well run course with lots of new ideas in a two hour session - leaving me wanting more!

Bite Size Learner - Excel Virtual Class

Stuart’s SharePoint online session was very well received. Thank you. One person saying ‘best online training he’d ever had'!

"Online Virtual Class via Microsoft Teams"

Customer Stakeholder - Finance Sector

Do you know what, I’ve just watched this week’s tip, and I didn’t know you could do that! I’ve always created a template email, but it’s a bit fiddly; using Quick Parts will be so much more efficient.

"Weekly Tip - MS Outlook - Quick Parts lesson"

IT Lead - Education Sector

The Bite Size learning is just what is needed for staff who need to brush up on skills and develop new ones. This is ideal for learning from home.

Bite Size Learner

I like the whole concept of bite size chunks – need to learn something – watch the example while having a break or a cup of tea :-)

Bite Size Learner

Here is the news we’ve have been waiting for. Thanks Bite Size for uploading to our portal.

"New Microsoft Office Teams Course"

IT Trainer - Local Government Sector

I learnt how to bring a photo forwards and send backwards on PowerPoint. I love the 5 minutes of learning bite size emails keep them going!

Bite Size Learner

I have found Bite Size invaluable! It’s easy to access from work and home. Each of the lessons are pitched at the right level and if you don’t understand or forget something you can easily replay the relevant part.

Bite Size Learner

I have learnt so much in so little time. I was asked to provide some figures for a meeting from a spreadsheet and without Bite Size I’m not sure how long this would have taken me. Self-taught on spreadsheets, I have learnt so many different ways to do things and even passed some tips on to others here. Would love to have the opportunity to have this available all the time. Am hoping to look at the Word one too.

Bite Size Learner

Just a quick brushup on OneNote. With easy and simple instructions to follow it was no sweat. :)

Bite Size Learner

I purposely set myself a time table to work on my IT skills and worked through the relevant lessons. What I liked most was that you can take your time and you are not under pressure to keep with ‘classmates’. You work at your own pace, it’s easy – I wish I’d used it years ago.

Bite Size Learner

I am now doing lessons in Word I would have normally relied on colleagues to help out with. In fact lately a colleague asked for some help with mail merge and for the first time, I went to their rescue, not the other way round – PowerPoint next.

HR Manager, Local Government

Both trainers really friendly, approachable and no question considered too silly. Were very good at building confidence and allowing you space to make and correct errors with assistance

Bite Size Learner - Virtual Class

Excellent selection of Christmas tips – many thanks. Merry Christmas

"12 Tips of Christmas - MS Word - Newsletter"

Weekly Tip Follower

An incredible learning platform, especially for anyone who is a self learner. Using Bite Size I have up skilled in many aspects of my role including; note taking, presentation of documents, Efficiency in Outlook & Microsoft Office packages. The learning methods are great with step by step guides, videos and exercises to try.

Now if I am asked to complete a task in my role which I have not completed before, I'm not even worried because I have Bite Size!

Bite Size Learner

Having self taught over the past 13 years, now feeling incredibly dumb how simple I could have made things. Being able to dip in and out to learn a couple of sections at a time is far more practical than spending a day on a course, especially when everyone learns at a different pace. No need to absorb information at someone elses speed :-)

Bite Size Learner, NHS Trust

Bite Size were recommended to me on a learning and development forum. I’ve trialled lots of different Microsoft office e-learning products and the quality is really mixed. Bite Size’s courses are easy to navigate around and there is a great facility where you can tailor what you learn to meet your specific needs.

Bite Size’s team are also very responsive to me as a customer and provide support in marketing the e-learning to our employees.

A recent quote from a new customer

Before I started using Bite Size, I hadn't even heard of v-lookups and pivot tables. Now I have no problems in using these functions in Excel and having this knowledge has definitely saved me lots of time.

Administrator, Southampton

It is refreshing to work alongside such competent and upbeat external partners. Bite Size have been a pleasure to engage with. An incredible service and one that is exceptionally competitive in such a crowded marketplace. Keep up the great work guys

Customer Stakeholder - L&D Manager, Finance Sector

I love these tips and the team and I try them out every week. I think this a great service for people who want to up skill themselves in office. I have encouraged lots of people to sign up and will continue to do so

Bite Size Learner

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