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Finding your Learning Mojo – quick tips

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Finding your Learning Mojo – quick tips to get your staff motivated to learn.

It’s hard to get back into learning after a long break. Here are some quick tips to help staff get back into learning – the Bite Size way!

1.  Carve it up
Motivate learners by organising information into small chunks to help build confidence. They are far easier to process, comprehend and retain than larger chunks. We deliver our courses through 3-5 minute lessons that allow learners to pick and choose what they want to learn, when they need it.

2.  Satisfy different learning styles
People learn in different ways. Each of our lessons use the methodology of “Tell Me, Show Me and Let Me Try” to satisfy different learning styles – all in 3-5 minutes of learning. Video walk-throughs, step by step instructions and exercises to have a go, all help staff to master the tools they need to use every day. They choose how they wish to learn.

3.  Deliver at the time of need
Give staff the learning they need, when they need it. Allow learners to take lessons in a sequence that works for them – don’t learn things you already know. Our searchable database of lessons enables staff to dive into what they need to learn, without having to go through the whole course. Just search for a lesson they need.

4.  Challenge learning by playing games
“Become an Excel Millionaire”. Our Millionaire Games series will add a bit of fun into learning – and direct staff to the learning if they need help. Why not add a league table to encourage staff to compete with each other – it’s a great motivator when you get to the top of the leader board! There are Bite Size games for Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook – with more coming soon too.

5.  Take a Test – personalise the experience
Everyone loves getting recognition for their achievements and a certificate is proof that they know their subject well. Our Microsoft Competency Tests provide a certification of completion with their name on it! That is a great motivator.

6.  Giving the space to learn
Encourage staff to plan their learning time; 10 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes at lunchtime or 30 minutes on the train. It’s just like taking an exercise class – if you plan your learning time, you can achieve it.

7.  Identify your Learning Champions
“Does anyone know how to do a v-look up?” – by identifying your champions who can direct staff to a learning resource to support them will highlight the tools available and encourage more usage.

8.  Use feedback to spread the word
People like to hear if something has gone well and it raises curiosity within the team. Let them know that they can provide feedback to help improve the experience. This in turn can help some learners buy in to the learning. Hearing from others, is like a magnet. They will want a piece of the action and satisfy their curiosity.

9.  Get collaborative – use Microsoft Teams
Use networking and collaboration applications and tools, such as Teams to build groups with a common interest or goal.

10. Provide useful and relevant learning
If the learning is easily accessible, can fulfil an immediate need, and can be accessed quickly people will be motivated to use it. Let’s face it, most people use Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint every day and there is always something new to learn and experience. Give your staff relevant learning to support them.

11. Put a human element to e-learning through a live virtual experience or workshop
In some cases, e-learning may not be enough. Some people prefer to have a tutor to hand. Our one-to-one or group sessions will add a human element to learning. Giving staff the learning in a variety of different ways will satisfy different learning styles and give the learner the choice in how they wish to learn.

12. Use a print medium
in today’s digital age, we can sometimes forget the power of the poster! Promote your courses on noticeboards, through your online networking channels. A visually appealing poster will encourage more sign ups – especially if feedback is used showing how someone else has benefited.

13. Understand your business goals
Align your learning with your workplace needs. By identifying the issues or difficulties your staff are experiencing enables you to provide a learning experience that is relevant and meaningful. Office 365 is a big challenge for organisations currently, and our Bite Size library can support not only your business goals, but also the learner needs too.

14. At the end of the day, it’s an L&D selling game
Internal communications plays a huge part in driving the learning. If staff know the benefits it will bring them, and understand how it can support them in their work, then they are more likely to be motivated to learn. Put your L&D sales hat on. Market your courses and create a buzz. Get buy in from key people. Stage a learning roadshow to sell your learning. The marketing theory of “What’s in it for me – the WIFM factor” is as prevalent today in learning as it is in marketing. Create an experience, not just a course.

Motivation is the force that drives people to fulfil a need, not only for them but for the company they work for too. If you can tap into a learner’s motivation—where an individual is rewarded by the learning itself or an internal goal—you’re half way there.

This list is not exhaustive.  There are many ways to keep staff motivated but by using a Learning Toolkit, such as our Bite Size library, staff will have learning at their fingertips giving them the support when they need it.  Created with the learner in mind, our library of 2-5 minute learning modules will help to grow workplace skills each day.

We’d love to help you and your organisation find your learning mojo!

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