MS Word Course Outline – Intermediate level

Topics Covered

Document Formatting

Adding Borders
Adding Shading
Page Breaks
Cover Pages
Headers and Footers
Page Numbering
Opening and Editing PDF Files

Paragraph Formatting

Reversing Paragraph Colours
Revealing Document Marks
Setting and Removing Tabs
Sorting Lists

Text Editing

Finding and Replacing Text
Auto-Correct Options
Special Characters and Symbols
Inserting Placeholder Text

Working with Graphics

Text Wrapping Options
Live Layout
Picture Editing
Compressing Pictures
Modifying Graphics
Re-Ordering Graphics
Grouping and Ungrouping Shapes
Inserting Watermarks


Creating Templates
Applying Templates
Quick Parts and Building Blocks
Auto Text
Recreating a Default Normal.DOTM File


Navigating Tables
Inserting Tables
Resizing Tables
Moving Tables
Table Margins
Selecting Table Elements
Selecting and Editing Text Within Tables
Text Orientation
Sorting Data Within Tables
Inserting, Deleting Rows and Columns
Moving Rows and Columns
Modifying Column Width and Row Height
Adding Shading to Cells
Modifying Cell Borders
Merging and Splitting Cellsv
Repeating Header Information
Converting Text to Tables
Converting Tables to Text

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