Microsoft Office Excel 2019

MS Excel 365 Course Outline – Advanced level

Topics Covered

Logical Functions

IF Function
Nesting Functions
AND & OR Functions
NOT Function
IFS Function
IFERROR Function
IF with AND and OR Functions

Maths and Statistical Functions

COUNTA Function
COUNTIF Function
ROUND Function
SUMIF Function
INT Function
RANK Function
SMALL and LARGE Functions

Lookup Functions

VLOOKUP Function
HLOOKUP Function
Using the INDEX Function
Using the MATCH Function
INDIRECT function
UNIQUE function
XLOOKUP Function

Text Functions

Text Case Functions
LEFT, RIGHT and MID Functions
TRIM Function
LEN Function
SEARCH Function

Working with Dates and Times

Calculations with dates
Calculations with times
Subtracting and adding date values
Date/Time functions
Age calculations
Adding and subtracting years, months and days
WORKDAY function

Exploring Charts

Value Comparison Charts (Column, Bar)
Category Comparison Charts (Pie, Doughnut)
Time Related Charts (Line, Area)
Data Correlation Charts (Scatter)
3D Data Charts (Bubble, Surface)
Financial Charts (Stock)
Multiple Criteria Charts (Radar)
Data Frequency Charts (Histogram, Pareto)
Process Charts (Waterfall, Funnel)
Visual Analysis Charts (Box and Whisker)
Hierarchical Data Charts (Sunburst, Treemap)
Geographical Charts (Map)
Combined Charts
Advanced Chart Editing
Advanced Chart Formatting

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