PowerPoint 365 v3

MS PowerPoint 365 Course Outline – Intermediate level

Topics Covered

Presentation Planning

Audience & environment
Presentation design
PowerPoint Designer
Basic settings

Paragraph Formatting

Text alignment
Using bullet and numbered lists
Line spacing
Indenting text
Using Outline view
Setting Tabs
Text Autofit
Format Painter
Ink annotations

Working with Objects

Inserting pictures
Inserting WordArt
Inserting drawn objects
Inserting shape text
Inserting screenshots
Using SmartArt to create organisation charts
Using SmartArt to create flow charts
Inserting icons & 3-D models
Copying & moving objects
Resizing objects
Deleting objects
Grouping objects
Aligning objects
Alignment tools
Rotating & Flipping objects
Layering objects

Formatting Objects

Formatting objects
Applying object effects
Background fills
Merging objects
Eyedropper tool

Picture Editing

Modifying contrast & brightness
Re-colouring pictures
Removing image backgrounds
Cropping pictures
Re-scaling pictures
Compressing pictures
Setting picture shapes
Alternative text
Converting & saving pictures

Working with Charts

Inserting Charts
Editing Charts
Formatting Charts
Advanced Chart Formatting
Combination Charts


Embedding videos
Inserting sound clips
Converting video files
Screen recording

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