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Personal Development

Over 200 bite size microlearning courses to complement Microsoft Office allowing you to create the ideal Personal Development plan.

Combining Microsoft Office with Personal Development

Growing your Microsoft Office IT skills is just part of the learning cycle. Developing yourself personally too plays a huge part in the lifelong learning process. That’s why Bite Size have partnered with soft skills specialists to bring you hundreds of Personal Development courses that complement Microsoft Office, using the same bite size, micro-learning methodology.

Why not ‘pick and mix’ our Microsoft Office and Personal Development courses and create your own learning plans? Check out the course categories below – there are over 200 micro e-learning courses to choose from, across 18 different categories covering personal skills and compliance e-learning. Each course taking only 15 minutes to learn.

All microlearning courses are delivered from our My Bite Size learning library to complement our Microsoft Office courses.

Let's start Mixing and Matching

Identify the skills you need, and create your own Personal Development plans today with ready-to-use e-learning courses using our My Bite Size platform. Why not combine:

Excel with Understanding Budgets and Finance, Finance for Non-Finance Managers, Insider Trading, Bribery and Corruption and PCI-DSS; or
Word with Planning your Report, Writing your Report, The English Sentence and Spelling and Punctuation; or
PowerPoint with Effective Writing, Presenting Data, Presenting with Confidence and Body Language; or
Outlook with Email Etiquette and Effective Writing.

Bite Size gives you the flexibility to create the perfect training plan.
Take a look at some examples.

Can't see what you need?

All Microsoft Office Online Courses are based on a typical one day training course at a specific skill level and are included in our full online library. If you require a more tailored course to meet a particular learning need, get in touch.

All Personal Development Online Courses are 15 minute modules that complement our Bite Size methodology and work well together to create a great training plan.

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