Spreadsheets Introduction Course Outline

Reinforce your knowledge of the essential topics relating to using a spreadsheet for everyday use

Topics Covered

Using the Application

MS Excel Environment
Backstage View
Creating New Workbooks - UPDATED
Navigating within Workbooks - NEW
Opening and Closing Workbooks
Saving and Updating - UPDATED
Saving Workbooks as Templates
File Formats - UPDATED
Switching between Workbooks
Available Help Functions - UPDATED


Entering Text and Values - UPDATED
Selecting Ranges
Using Undo/Redo
Searching and Replacing Content
Sorting Cell Ranges
Copying and Moving Content - UPDATED

Managing Worksheets

Inserting Columns and Rows
Deleting Columns and Rows
Modifying Columns and Rows
Modifying Worksheets - UPDATED
Freezing Panes

Formulas and Functions

Order of Calculation
Creating Formulas - UPDATED
Relative and Absolute Cell Referencing
Sum Function
Average Function
Min and Max Functions
Count Function
Round Function
IF Function


Formatting Numbers
Formatting Font Size and Type
Cell Contents Formatting - UPDATED
Format Painter
Text Wrapping - UPDATED
Aligning Cell Contents
Cell Content Orientation - UPDATED
Merging Cells - UPDATED


Creating Column Charts
Creating Bar Charts
Creating Line Charts
Creating Pie Charts
Editing Charts - UPDATED
Formatting Charts

Prepare Outputs

Page Setup
Headers and Footers
Print Set-Up
Previewing and Printing
Printing Workbooks
Printing Selected Ranges

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