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New Courses just added – Personal Development

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Let’s talk about Personal Development – 5 NEW e-Learning courses just launched

We are excited to announce the launch of the following new e-learning courses to our Personal Development Library focussing on Management and Leadership, Personal Development and Social and Corporate Responsibility.  Ideal for those who are busy and need to get knowledge fast – all in Bite Size Bites!

1.  Demystifying AI – see the Personal Development Library
2.  Managing High Performing Teams – see the Management and Leadership Library
3.  Sustainable Business Management – see the Social and Corporate Responsibility Library
4.  Introduction to Sustainability – see the Social and Corporate Responsibility Library
5.  Modern Slavery –  see the Social and Corporate Responsibility Library

The following courses now have assessments added too.

1.  Effective Writing
2.  Expressing Yourself
3.  How to be Assertive
4.  Presenting Data
5.  Problem Solving
6.  Effective Delegation
7.  Better Judgements
8.  Creativity
9.  Critical Thinking
10. Dealing with Stress

All the above courses are delivered on our My Bite Size Platform which can also provide access to over 200 quality e-learning courses covering both Personal Development and Microsoft Office, including Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

To find out how your organisation can benefit from our Bite Size Online Learning Library, and for pricing please get in touch today.



See our Personal Development Catalogue


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