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NEW e-learning courses – Mental Health Awareness Series

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Let’s talk about Mental Health – 5 NEW e-learning courses

The Global pandemic has put mental health and wellbeing into sharp focus. Our people are our strongest asset and looking after them is more important now than ever before.

However, although many people want to be able to support others, they do not know how.

Our new comprehensive Mental Health Awareness Suite of courses has been written by a trained psychotherapist and gives people all the information they need to understand mental health and provide support. The 5 modules can be collated into a pathway to create a ‘Mental Health for Managers’ programme which gives leaders a practical foundation in mental health.

The modules benefit from:

  • Practical advice and reflective exercises
  • Re-usable resources such as mindfulness animations and factsheets
  • Real life case studies
  • Signposting to further credible resources

We have included in the modules several practical resources that can be accessed outside of the course. These can be used at any time by those looking for mental health support or those creating a wellbeing campaign.

These include:

  • Grounding Technique
  • Breathing Exercise
  • Guided Visualisation
  • Mindfulness Exercise
  • Exercise Micro Workout

The 5 modules focus on:


Introduction to Mental HealthMental health includes our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. This module will explore the importance of recognising and treating mental health with the same emphasis as physical health. Learning Outcomes: Help you to become aware of different mental health conditions; Learn which groups are more vulnerable to mental health conditions; Explore the difference between common and complex mental health conditions.


Tackling Mental Health StigmasStigmas and discrimination can manifest itself in many different ways. Sometimes it’s subtle, other times it can be more obvious. This module explores what you and your organisation can do to help tackle stigmas and discrimination relating to mental health. Learning Outcomes: Examine the use of language around mental health. Help you create an open mental health culture; Encourage people to share their stories.


Let's Talk about Mental HealthMental health is a subject that isn’t widely discussed as the norm. The most powerful way to prevent mental ill-health is to talk about it. This module explores how mental health is normalised and stigmas can be tackled. Learning Outcomes: Examine the use of small interactions; Help you create an open mental health culture; Explore the best options for mental health support.


How to Support Mental Health for Yourself and OthersWe all need mental health support, and we can all offer support to others. This module will explore how most types of mental ill-health can be prevented by offering early intervention, and prevention is always better than cure. Learning Outcomes: Help you become aware that everyone has mental health; Learn what to do if someone is in crisis; Explore social support as it’s the number one protective factor for mental health.


Recognising and Managing AnxietyWe all experience anxiety; it’s a natural human state and a vital part of our lives. This module will explore practical ways to help you recognise and manage your anxiety. Learning Outcomes: Help you understand that everyone has anxiety; Learn to recognise the first signs of anxiety and to manage those feelings; Explore different techniques to take control and find a sense of calm.

The above courses are delivered as part of our Wellbeing Series on our My Bite Size Platform which can also provide access to over 200 quality e-learning courses covering both Personal Development and Microsoft Office, including Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

To find out how your organisation can benefit from our Bite Size Online Learning Library, and for pricing on our Mental Health Series, get in touch today.

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