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Office 365 and SharePoint are changing our lives

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The way we are working is changing beyond all recognition.


We need to get used to the idea of continual change as Office 365 is evergreen with Microsoft constantly updating their applications.

In the SharePoint World, no longer will we work with network drives – just like VHS tapes are old hat now, so are network drives and folder structures.  In the good old days, we just loved using sub folders and folders in sub folders and then not remembering where we saved the file!  In SharePoint that’s a big no no.

In the SharePoint World, you can do so much more: you can download a document, you can upload it, you can check it out/check it back in, revert to the previous version, use document approvals, share the document externally and so much more.

In the SharePoint World, we need to be aware of the consequences of our actions too.  Yes, we can add John Smith from the Marketing Department to our SharePoint site, but he will also now have access to all of our 5 sub-sites as a result. Understanding permission levels is vital for everyone.

The way in which we use emails are changing too.  In today’s world, we are in email overload but with Office 365, Teams and SharePoint we no longer need to send emails with huge attachments as we’ll refer to the one version in SharePoint that colleagues will have access to.  Fewer emails, less inbox overload, and a very happy IT Department!   Newcomers are given access to the relevant Channel in Teams too, and hey presto, they have access to the history too.

In today’s online digital world, accessing content on multiple devices is becoming more prevalent as we collaborate and communicate wherever we are.  You can video conference from your laptop in the airport lounge, edit a presentation from home and check up on emails all on the go – using your mobile device or tablet.

Because Office 365, SharePoint and Teams does not resemble anything we are familiar with – training is key in making sure that you, as an organisation, are getting the most out of your Office 365 investment.

That’s where Bite Size comes in.



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Bite Size is a Training Organisation specialising in Microsoft Office training and committed to delivering a blended learning approach in today’s busy and diverse workplace.   Our solutions cover an Online Digital Library, Face-to-Face Workshops and Virtual Classrooms, all tailored to the individual needs of your organisation.   We are committed to growth, and always looking for new flexible solutions for our customers.  That’s why we now deliver Personal Development and Microsoft Office course together via our online learning library using the same micro-learning / bite size methodology.


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