Christmas2019 v1 Excel Shortcuts

On the First Week of Christmas Bite Size gave to me …

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… 12 Excel Keyboard ShortcutsExcel

  1. Control, Shift and End to select entire worksheet
  2. Control Page Up or Down to move to next or previous worksheet
  3. Control, Shift and Colon (;) to enter the current time (static)
  4. Control and Spacebar to select an entire column
  5. Shift and Spacebar to select and entire row
  6. Control and T to convert a list to a table
  7. ALT and = to quickly add up a row or column
  8. Control and Semi-Colon (:) to enter the current date (static)
  9. Control and 1 to bring up the format dialogue box
  10. Shift and F2 to edit or create a comment
  11. Control and grave accent (`) to show formulas (works as a toggle)
  12. Control and K to create or edit a hyperlink

On the Second Week of Christmas Bite Size gave to me …

…. you’ll have to wait until next week! Don’t forget to come back.

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