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Just launched – brand new Leader Boards for our Millionaire Games

We are delighted to announce our Millionaire Games for Microsoft Office (including Teams) are now live with a brand new feature for company plans – a Top 10 Leader Board.

Compete with your colleagues and race to the top in real-time.  Why not have a go next time you’re in a team meeting online and show off your skills.

  • 5 Games to play:sales millionaire teams
    – Become an Excel Millionaire
    – Become an Outlook Millionaire
    – Become a PowerPoint Millionaire
    – Become a Teams Millionaire
    – Become a Word Millionaire
  • Get to the top of the leader board in the quickest possible time.
  • If you know your stuff, it can take you literally a few minutes.  Answer all 15 questions correctly, use your hint or 50/50 lifeline to help you scale the leader board.
  • Play the game as many times as you like to achieve your personal best in the quickest time.
  • Learn whilst having fun with other learners in your company.

Although our Millionaire Games are all about winning, don’t forget that the biggest winner is the one who has learnt something new!  And have a bit of fun in the process too.

So what are you waiting for.  Go on give it a go – and race to the top of the leader boards and show off your skills.

This is now live for all our customers.


Bite Size can adapt and tailor make this game for any subject matter – supply the questions and we’ll create a SCORM game to run on your own LMS or on our new learner platform.

Give us a call to find out more – and put some fun back into learning.

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