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Springtime Learning – Quick Tip Videos

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Do you have 6 minutes to spare?   Learn something new with our Quick Tip Videos!

Just in case you haven’t seen our Quick Tip Videos, we’ve put together a selection of them for you to view. Each video lasts only a minute and could save you valuable time by learning something new. In fact, it could be the best 6 minutes you’ve spent! Learn something new today, in just a minute.

1.  MS Teams – Add an emoji to a Channel – add visual interest to a Channel name – add an emoji.

2.  MS Excel – Filter Function – use the Filter Function to filter a range of data based on criteria you define.

3.  MS Outlook – Dictate Emails – if you are slow at typing, then why not dictate your emails. It’s easy to do.

4.  MS OneNote – Quick Notes – use Quick Notes to jot something down if you don’t have a pen to hand.

5.  MS PowerPoint – Morphing Agendas – use Morph to create movement from one slide to another. It’s great.

6.  MS Word – Inserting Links Quickly – create links easily and quickly to allow readers to jump to specific locations.

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