tips in May 2019

Bite Size Weekly Tip Round-Up – Part 1

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tips in May 2019

If you missed any of our weekly tips in May, you can view them again right here.  The following lessons will be live for the next few weeks, so why not view them now?

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Office 365Tip One:  Office 365 ~ Delve Boards

DID YOU KNOW… that Delve helps you to manage your Office 365 profile, and to discover and organise the information that’s likely to be most interesting to you right now – across Office 365? It’s a great way to pick out certain information quickly.

To learn more, click on a link below to see how it works.

Office 365 – Understanding Delve Boards


OnenoteTip Two: MS OneNote ~ Adding Tables

DID YOU KNOW… that when working in OneNote you can easily add a Table to give your Notes more structure?  You can even add a Table without using the menu.

It’s really quick and easy to do. To learn how, click on a link below.

MS OneNote 2016

MS OneNote 2013


PowerpointTip Three : MS PowerPoint ~ Sections

DID YOU KNOW… that Sections in MS PowerPoint are really useful when working with a large presentation?  You can group related slides and brand them separately. Reordering Sections is simple. It’s a great way to divide your presentations into manageable chunks.

Click a link below to learn more.

MS PowerPoint 2016

MS PowerPoint 2013


WordTip Four: MS Word ~ Auto Text

DID YOU KNOW… that you can save yourself lots of time if you use the AutoText feature to save snippets of both text and images? t’s a great way to save re-typing text that you frequently use, minimising the risk of spelling errors!

It’s really quick and easy to do. To learn how, click on a link below.

MS Word 2016

MS Word 2013


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