Why Games are important in learning

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Games are a great learning aid. We have all played them on our phones and tablets for fun from Scrabble to Tetris like games.  We like them even more when there is an element of competition and a leader board.  We all want to be at the top!

We naturally like a challenge, a reward and recognition when we play a game – it’s only human nature.

That’s why Bite Size are designing games for learning, that appeal to all, yet also ensure there is a learning outcome and a business goal is achieved.

Our Millionaire games are based around the CORE Microsoft Office applications staff need to use everyday – Teams, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook with a random 15 questions being served up from a pool of 39.  The questions are from our Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced courses, with some from our Learning Tips too.

All designed to encourage familiarity with our courses, content and navigation. There is a league table available which adds another element of achievement, and encourages ‘competition’ amongst colleagues.

sales site 2 Excel

sales millionaire teams

sales millionaire word

sales millionaire powerpoint

sales millionaire outlook

Our new games for Snakes and Ladders are created from our Computer Fundamentals Series – Computer Essentials, Security Essentials, Online Essentials, all based on the ECDL syllabus – ideal for everyone, or those studying towards ECDL. There’s Move the Peg too just for some light relief!

snakes ladders computer essentials

snakes ladders online essentials

snakes ladders security essentials

move the peg

We work with our customers to create bespoke games, based on their own internal courses to add to their My Bite Size dashboard.  It doesn’t have to be just Microsoft Office or Personal Development. After all, learning should be, and of course can be, lots of fun and with Bite Size that’s exactly what it is.






For company-wide multiple licences, we have some great company discount packages available.  For individual licences, you can go to our online shop for immediate access.


Bite Size is a Training Organisation specialising in Microsoft Office training and committed to delivering a blended learning approach in today’s busy and diverse workplace.   Our solutions cover an Online Digital Library, Face-to-Face Workshops and Virtual Classrooms, all tailored to the individual needs of your organisation.   We are committed to growth, and always looking for new flexible solutions for our customers.  That’s why we now deliver Personal Development and Microsoft Office course together via our online learning library using the same micro-learning / bite size methodology.


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