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Create your own learning plan with our Mix and Match Bite Size e-learning courses. Understand how to use Microsoft Office efficiently from beginner to expert levels, learn more about Workplace Wellbeing, Communication and Social Skills or Management and Leadership skills.

Think about your own personal development and build your own training plan to help you get the next promotion, a change of career direction, or simply to enhance the job you are in today. Our Bite Size lessons enable you to learn at your own pace, are achievable and will give you control of how much you learn at any one time.


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Step up – take control of your learning

Mix and Match our quick and easy courses to help you achieve your personal goals, whether it’s brushing up on your Microsoft Office skills, or becoming more confident and assertive with our Personal Development courses.

The choice is yours. There are hundreds of courses to choose from, delivered through your own personal dashboard so you can track your activity and build upon your own learning portfolio. How long it takes is entirely up to you. 3 months, 6 months or 12 month packages available.


Having been self-taught over the past 13 years, now feeling incredibly dumb how simple I could have made things. Being able to dip in and out to learn a couple of sections at a time is far more practical than spending a day on a course, especially when everyone learns at a different pace. No need to absorb information at someone elses speed :-)"

I have found Bite Size invaluable! It’s easy to access from work and home. Each of the lessons are pitched at the right level and if you don’t understand or forget something you can easily replay the relevant part

I had a good basic grasp of Excel to begin with but on completing the beginners module I had many Eureka moments where I was going around the long way to do a simple task especially when printing sheets

I learnt that if you press B on a PowerPoint slideshow the screen goes black - brilliant

I think Bite Size is brilliant as it doesn't give you too much information to digest all at once. I can dip in and out when I need to

I learned how to create fixed reference points in excel formulas - it has saved me so much time. Before I always thought the $ symbols in other people's formulas were some sort of formatting error!

I have learned, but more importantly, retained more knowledge and ability from a few hours of Bite Size lessons than from 6 days of cumulative classroom training. Even when I think I know something, I learned with Bite Size lessons to still click in as there was always something of value to pick up on

Very impressed by Bite Size! It’s not often you see e-learning so easy to use. More importantly, designed by someone who understands conventional training

Just a quick brushup on OneNote. With easy and simple instructions to follow it was no sweat. Thank you Bite Size

Mix and Match – develop those important life skills

If you’re confused about Pivots or need to understand more about mail merging our Microsoft Courses are for you. If you want to gain great life skills and learn more about working in teams, managing conflict, building great relationships or building your brand, look no further than our Personal Development libraries.

Short, bursts of training, just when you need it, our Mix and Match approach enables you to create your own learning plan giving you the tools to make a great impression in life and at work.


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We Don't Bite!

Try us out – all our online courses are so easy to do, and you can buy online with immediate access from just £5.99 for three months.  Visit our Online Shop today to buy for yourself right now, or contact us if you require multiple licences for your organisation.


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