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MS Outlook and Email Etiquette - the perfect combination

BiteSize Outlook and Emails
MS Outlook go hand in hand with Email Etiquette and Effective Writing. We all write emails frequently during our day. So it makes sense to train staff not just on MS Outlook but also Email Etiquette and Effective Writing too. Both these courses are a great addition to upskilling in MS Outlook – after all, an email will have more of an impact if written in the correct manner using the best written English.

MS PowerPoint and Presenting with Confidence - the perfect combination

BiteSize PowerPoint and Presentations 27Jan20
MS PowerPoint go perfectly with Effective Writing, Presenting Data and Presenting with Confidence. Understanding how to use PowerPoint is just the start. To be a great presenter, you also need to know how best to present the data and of course yourself. Adding Effective Writing, Presenting Data, Presenting with Confidence and Body Language will help achieve this very quickly as they go perfectly with PowerPoint.

MS Excel and Understanding Budgets and Finance - the perfect combination

BiteSize Excel and Finance 27Jan20
MS Excel fits perfectly with Understanding Budgets and Finance - Everyone is involved in the budgeting process at some point. Understanding how to analyse and interpret the figures is far more satisfying. That’s why our five MS Excel courses go hand in hand with Understanding Budgets and Finance to create a perfect Finance bundle.

MS Word and Successful Writing - the perfect combination

BiteSize Word and Punctuation 27Jan20
MS Word, Planning your Report, Writing your Report, The English Sentence and Spelling and Punctuation. When writing reports and letters, we know that presenting the information in an easily digestible understandable format is of the utmost importance. Planning your work and using the correct language and punctuation makes all the difference to the reader. This bundle will give you everything you need to create great reports.

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