“Power” Hour, 1/2 day and full day workshops

We are all different and learn in different ways. That’s why we run face to face Bite Size workshops tailored to a specific business need.

Why spend a day in the classroom when staff can schedule an hourly session with a Microsoft Office Trainer to learn new skills or refresh their existing skills? We will work with you to create a unique training day, split into hourly or 90 minute sessions or 1/2 day workshops focussing on a specific business training need and staff can book a training slot at a time to suit them. No need for extensive time out of the office as it’s all delivered on-site at your offices.  MS Office 2019, 2016 and 2013 covered, plus SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Short, focussed quality training that is easy to understand and meets different needs and different skill levels.  All complimented with Quick Reference Cards and a limited free access to our Bite Size Online Learning Library.

Take a look below at some examples of our 90 minute workshops.

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Workshop examples - "Power" Hour, 90 minutes, 1/2 day, Full Day

MS Teams - Getting Started

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This workshop takes a learner with no prior knowledge of MS Teams to being able to start conversations, calls and meetings, understand how to work with files, notifications, alerts and presence. The aim is to get staff up to speed with using this collaborative tool. The course can also be delivered virtually, bespoke to your Teams set up and can be expanded to include SharePoint and Office 365 online too.

MS Excel – Getting Started

This workshop takes a learner with no prior knowledge of Excel to being able to perform simple calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and add up a column or row of data. It also covers how to work out the minimum, maximum and average in a range of cells. This session covers the importance of understanding which order calculations are performed in. It explains how to centre headings, format numbers and understand about fixing cells. Lastly it covers viewing and amending page breaks.

MS Excel – Working with Worksheets and Workbooks

This workshop is a follow on from the Getting Started session and shows leaners how to manipulate worksheets, how to format multiple worksheets as well as perform calculations across them. Leaners will also learn how to perform calculations across workbooks.

MS Excel – More functions

Intended for those who are familiar with the basic functions but want to extend their knowledge with others to make more use of Excel. Usingthe IF functions to nest formulas to perform calculations if certain criteria are met i.e. if the total exceeds £3,000 then give a 2% bonus otherwise give 0. Learning how to count up contents in cells, using criteria. Other useful functions included are how to join cell contents together, amend the case of text i.e. change from lowercase to proper or upper. Delegates will also learn how to future proof calculations to avoid errors showing. Delegates will also learn how to always round down and also learn how to keep an eye on a total cell that is out of sight. Learning about the DSUM, DMIN, DMAX and DCOUNT allows you to be selective about which items you include i.e. if your list contains hundreds of entries you might ask DSUM to only add up those entries in January.

MS Excel – Manipulating & Analysing Data

It covers how to visually format data to stand out showing trends, how to protect and prevent data from being edited in certain cells and also adding validation to only allow certain entries i.e. certain dates or only from a list of entries. Great if you need to share a spreadsheet and but need control over what is allowed.

MS Excel – Pivot Tables and Charts

For those who work with large amounts of data and need to be able to summarise and cut and slice the information quickly. It also covers how to create Pivot charts to allow the data to be changed at the click of your mouse.

MS Excel – Charts

For those who need to visually display information rather than looking at numbers. Also includes how to save time by linking charts into other applications which will automatically update when the workbook is changed.

MS Excel - Timesavers

Aimed at those who are at an introduction level or self-taught and want to learn new skills to make working with Excel quicker and easier. This workshop covers how to name cells to make formulas easier to read, how to create a list to avoid retyping entries that are frequently used. It also includes how to format ranges of data as well as creating a master spreadsheet that can be used over and over. Lastly how to summarise data from various workbooks is also covered.

MS Excel - Macros

Intended for those who are at a good competent level of Excel and now want to automate tedious repetitive tasks.

MS Excel - Lookups

For those who need to refer to information that already exists in other places and have it automatically update. Whilst there are restrictions in using VLOOKUP’s, Index and Match are the most widely used tools in Excel for performing lookups. The INDEX and MATCH combo is very flexible and is the key to more advanced formulas in Excel.

MS Excel – Creating Dashboards

Aimed at those who are familiar with pivots and working with large amounts of data but now would like to be able to summarise it as an overview page. Having learnt different topics in Excel this workshop brings together different options into one place to dynamically show high level overviews,

MS Word – Getting Started

This workshop takes a learner with little or no prior knowledge of Word and helps them understand the environment to enable them to create, save and open documents. Basic character formatting techniques are covered.

MS Word – Paragraph Formatting

Aimed at those who need to work more efficiently with Word to save time formatting. This workshop covers how to work with paragraphs quickly and easily without doing tasks the long way round.

MS Word – Document Formatting

Intended for those who need to format documents efficiently and take advantage of the options that Word has to offer to make documents look professional. It covers how to add page borders and shading and how to quickly change from portrait to landscape. Delegates will learn how to control pagination and page numbering. Also covered is how to work with Section Breaks to enable the document layout to be altered. Lastly adding tables is also included to control the flow of text.

MS Word – Mail Merge

For those who need to send letters out to multiple recipients. Learning how to work with mail merge will enable delegates to create letters, labels and lists from single sets of source data.

MS PowerPoint – Animating and Transitions

Aimed at those who want to liven up presentations with movement. Learning how to animate lists and objects and controlling effects on the page. Changing the transition effects between slides is also covered as well as understanding about how to produce speaker notes and handouts.

MS PowerPoint – Creating striking presentations

First impressions count and grabbing your audience attention is of vital importance. We have all sat through boring presentations – no more. By attending this presentation you will learn some creative and fresh ideas to visually liven up your presentations.

MS Outlook – Making the most of it

We all use Outlook everyday and probably it takes up a large proportion of your day so it’s important you use the features available to you and save yourself time.

MS Outlook – Calendars

It’s vital everyone uses their calendar correctly and keeps it up to date. This workshop will explain about the different types of appointments, events and schedule meetings with colleagues.

MS OneNote – Getting Started

Stop writing notes on scraps of paper – use OneNote and keep track of your thoughts and ideas all in one place. The workshop objective is for delegates to become more confident to create electronic notes rather than on yellow sticky notes or handwritten pads.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you very much for delivering the training over the last couple of days. We have had a lot of positive feedback already. I look forward to working with you throughout the year.

90 minute workshops – Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook

Can't fault it. Thank you Marie, it was a really good training session.

Virtual Online Session with Outlook

Simon was a fantasic trainer. Very flexible and approachable and obviously knew his stuff. Was able to deliver in a way that made sense to the varying delegate skill levels of knowledge. Would definitely recommend and use again in the future. Thank you

MS Project - Introduction workshop

Training was really good and it’s great that we can use the virtual Bite Size lessons to refresh on

MS Excel Workshop

Laura was very engaging and helpful. She went at a good pace and helped us apply what we learned to our specific job roles.

MS Excel Workshop

Roger was extremely helpful, took time to explain things in detail. A very considerate trainer.

MS Excel Workshop

Such an easy to follow training session! Marie was very approachable and made me feel welcome and not intimidating at all. Thank you!

MS Excel Workshop

This course is brilliant and an excellent tool in time management as a lot of time can be spent working out what to do but now I can use shortcuts to complete tasks quicker

MS Word - Paragraph Styles workshop

I have 2 tasks to complete on statistics this week - this will save me loads of time - thank you

MS Excel - Pivot Tables

The session was very informative in a relaxed and friendly way well done

MS PowerPoint Workshop

Fabulous, Best use of my time to save time in the future

MS Word Workshop
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Traditional Classroom-led Training at different skill levels

We can also conduct traditional training for when staff require a more structured approach in mastering Microsoft Office applications at a particular skill level – be it at Introduction, Intermediate or Advanced level.

This Course was great – I learnt so many things that I didn’t even know existed in Excel.  It will really help me and my clients

Advanced MS Excel Course

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