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This library is packed with hundreds of Bite Size lessons covering the main applications in Microsoft Office 2016 allowing you to choose how you learn.

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Our library is packed full of 3-5 minute lessons that will help you get past a stumbling block as you work everyday.  If you have forgotten how to mail merge in Outlook, create a table of contents in Word, or understand more about creating pivot tables in Excel, our searchable database will serve up the lesson you need, in just a few clicks. ​

A just-in-time learning library to support you every day.

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Each lesson is part of a skill level course at Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced, Master and Expert levels, so if you have more time to learn, and want to upskill to a particular level, then Bite Size gives you the flexibility.  If you are unsure of what level you are at, take our needs analysis and create your own course outline based on what you don’t know.

A learning resource to help you upskill and improve your IT skills over time.

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Can't see what you need?

All Microsoft Office Online Courses are based on a typical one day training course at a specific skill level and are included in our full online library. If you require a more tailored course to meet a particular learning need, get in touch.

All Personal Development Online Courses are 15 minute modules that complement our Bite Size methodology and work well together to create a great training plan.

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