Cyber Awareness and Resilience

Cyber Awareness and Resilience - 19 Courses - Certified by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre

Bring your own Device (BYOD)

bring your own device
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is provided by many organisations to allow the use of personal devices to access business services and data. This course contains an introductory video, an interactive e-learning module, a PDF summary document and an Audio Story to help to understand the risks with Bring Your Own Device and what measures should be taken to protect sensitive information.

Business Email Compromise

business email compromise
Understand how Business e-mail compromise attacks can work and the steps that can be taken to verify the authenticity of e-mail requests. You will learn about how to spot the unusual, the importance of staying alert and vigilant and being on your guard for anything that seems out of place. Taking a moment to stop and think can help you avoid considerable damage to both you and your organisation.

Executive Awareness - Whaling Attacks

executive awareness whaling attacks
This course explores the nature of Whaling attacks, understanding how and why executives and their assistants can become a victim. Through a podcast and a case study the learner will have the opportunity to listen to a person's story of how they became the victim of a whaling attack and what they and their organisation learned (the hard way). As well as learning how to recognise an attack and what to do.

GDPR - All Staff General Awareness

data protection for staff
Personal data needs to be protected and used correctly in order to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This course outlines the Data Protection and GDPR requirements and gives you a fuller understanding of your rights as an individual and as an organisation, including the seven key principles for UK GDPR, Data Subject Rights and Data Controllers/Data Processors responsibilities.

GDPR - For Data Controllers and Managers

data protection for controllers managers
This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and understanding of personal data to enable you to remain compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in your role as a data controller or manager.

Information Handling

information handling
Information needs to be stored, shared and used in an appropriate and secure way, depending on the sensitivity of the information. This course contains an Introductory video and interactive e-learning module outlining the importance of protecting information, plus Audio Stories highlighting the threats of using public, unsecured WiFi and sending information to the wrong person.

Managing your Supply Chain Risk

managing supply chain risk
When working with any supplier, it’s important to consider their level of access to your organisation’s data and their approach to data protection and managing cyber risks. This course explores what you and your organisation can do to help reduce risks through the supply chain.

Online Safety

online safety
Learn the basics of how to work online safely and responsibly and how to protect sensitive information when browsing online. This course contains an interactive e-learning module, a PDF summary document and an Audio Story

Password Safety

password safety
Passwords are the gateway to all our online services and information so need to be managed properly to maintain security online. Learn how passwords should be securely set and stored to help prevent your password being compromised to gain unauthorised access to critical information and services. This course contains an interactive e-learning module, a PDF summary document and an Audio Story.

Payment Diversion Fraud

payment diversion fraud
Learn how to work safely by recognising, reacting and responding to the growing risk of Payment Diversion Fraud.

Personal Information

personal information
Personal identifiable information needs to be kept secure and confidential. This course contains an interactive e-learning module, a PDF summary document and an Audio Story.


Phishing emails are the most common way for attackers to steal sensitive information or launch cyber-attacks. This course contains an interactive e-learning module, an Audio Story and a Phishing Simulation Game.

Preparing for a Cyber Incident

preparing for a cyber incident
Preparing for a cyber-incident is business as usual for all organisations and managers need to understand the critical steps they need to take to prepare their organisation.

Protecting your family at home

protecting your family at home
This course explores the cyber threats that people face at home and how cyber-attacks can take place. Using real life stories, the learner can see how people have become the victims of cybercrime and learn the steps to take, to keep their data and devices safe at home.


This course explores Ransomware in detail through case studies and examples. It also provides an understanding of the nature of ransomware attacks, what to look out for and the dos and don’ts to help protect individuals and organisations from an attack. Also included is an Animation that highlights what a Ransomware attack is, what you can to do prevent them and steps you can take to limit their impact.

Remote and Mobile Working

remote and mobile working
Remote and mobile working is important for many people, for flexibility and to carry out their roles. This course contains an interactive e-learning module, a PDF summary document and an Audio Story about Shoulder Surfing to learn why it is important to be cautious when using your work devices in public places.

Removable Media

removable media
Removable media is widely used for storing and sharing information, but precautions need to be taken to protect information on removable media. This interactive course contains a summary PDF document and an Audio Story to help understand the potential threats of using unknown removable media and unsecured charging points.

Social Engineering

social engineering
Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Our willingness to help can be abused to launch cyber-attacks through online social engineering. This course contains an interactive e-learning module outlining the risks and the precautions we can take to protect ourselves, plus a PDF summary document and an audio story.

Social Media Protection

social media protection
Understand how to use social media securely and responsibly and where the boundary lies between personal and organisation information. This course contains an interactive e-learning module, a PDF summary document and an Audio Story to hear the reasons why you should never assume that someone you communicate with online is who they say they are.

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